Illustris Models & 3D Printing Portfolio

Founded in 2019, our mission has always been to support cosplayers in realizing their creative vision. Over the years, we have become a trusted source of 3D printed prop and accessory kits for cosplay enthusiasts in Australia. Our goal is to create a vibrant community where cosplayers can connect, learn new skills, and have fun in a safe and inclusive environment.

3D Modeling & Sculpting

At Illustris Models, we pride ourselves on doing the 3D modeling for all our kits in-house. We acknowledge that 3D printing and cosplay aren't the easiest of hobbies - as a result we endeavour to model all our props and accessory kits for ease of printing and sanding. Additionally, we strive to ensure all our kits are structurally sound when built to our guidelines, and also con-safe!

Other Projects & Commissions

On occasion, our products include more work than just 3D modeling and 3D printing. This often includes collaborations with other creatives and special, personalised commissions for customers upon request!

Other Notable Works

SheRa Prop Kits and Commissions

Cosplayers: @thekatscosplay and @illustris_cosplay

Eternal Sailor Scout Accessory Kits

Modeled by @illustris_cosplay and @lunariz.a

Baker Pantheon Accessories

Cosplayer: @monkeydocosplay

Marnie (Pokemon) Accessories

Cosplayer: @lunariz.a

Goddess Zelda Accessories

Cosplayer: @carcali_cosplay

Marth's Falchion Commission

cosplayer: @jellyfish_cosplays | 3D model: @thedangerousladies

Events & Community Involvement

For more information, visit our Events page.

Comic Gong 2023 Sponsorship

We are incredibly excited and honoured to be sponsoring Comic Gong's 2023 events! Attend the Cosplay Catch-Up, Family Fun Day OR the 18+ inaugural Cosplay Ball and enter the cosplay competitions for your chance to win some goodies!

Check our Events page for more information on Comic Gong's 2023 events!

Oz Comic-Con 2022

We had our first Artist's Alley table at Oz Comic-Con 2022 and were blown away by how successful it was. We can't wait to do more events and help more cosplay dreams come to life!

Introduction to 3D Printing for Cosplay Panel

At Sydnye Oz Comic-Con in 2021 we hosted an Introduction to 3D Printing for Cosplay panel which drew an audience of 30+ attendees!

Illustris Sponsorships Initiative

At Illustris Models we're passionate about making cosplay accessible to everyone. This is why in 2022 we started our sponsorship initiative, to give young and/or low-income cosplayers one of our prop or accessory kits for free once every 6 months!

Illustris Sponsorships is now sponsored by Polymaker 3D, 3D Printing Solutions, Monocure3D, Anest Iwata Australia and Rakuda Cosplay to bring more of our products to those who are less fortunate.

More on Illustris Sponsorships


MELINOE Bundle STL Files [Hades]

I have almost all of this printed now, and I love it! My printer wasn't able to print the sickle as it was, and they were able to cut it down into pieces that fit. Amazing customer service, and thank you so much!!!

Tabitha [Etsy]

KEYLETH Staff STL Files [Legend of Vox Machina]

Staff came out perfect! I ended up shortening it just slightly so it would be easier to carry around and transport, but it still printed perfectly. Can’t wait to add it to my cosplays!

Emily [Etsy]

GYM LEADER Dynamax Band 3D Printed Kit [Pokemon Sword/Shielf]

Perfect prop for my cosplay for animenyc. Excited it came in on time! Thanks!

Robert [Etsy]

PRIMORDIAL JADE Cutter 3D Printed Kit [Genshin Impact]

The print quality is fantastic and easy to assemble. The team were quick to reply and have a great to-buy list for finishing the prop. EDIT: it was super cool to meet the Illustris team at Pax :)

Matthew [Etsy]

RAIDEN Shogun Accessories 3D PRINTED KIT [Genshin Impact]

15/10! Don't think I'll buy from anyone else ever again! I loved it and they were so kind <3