Upgrades to our Cosplay Accessory Kits! Illustris Models

Upgrades to our Cosplay Accessory Kits!

Upgrades to our Cosplay Accessory Kits!

At Illustris Models, we're always looking for ways to improve our products and make our customers' cosplay experiences as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This is why we're thrilled to announce that we've upgraded our Albedo Accessory kit to be printed in resin!

Initially, we exclusively FDM printed all the pieces of the Albedo Accessory kit. However, based on customer feedback and the success of our other resin-printed accessory kits, we decided to upgrade the Albedo kit as well. Now, all the pieces that don't require heat-forming to fit are resin printed, which makes them much easier to finish and paint.

We've always taken pride in the quality of our products, and resin printing takes that quality to the next level. With resin printing, we're able to achieve even finer details and a smoother finish, which translates to a more accurate and polished final product.

But it's not just the Albedo Accessory kit that's been upgraded. All of our accessory kits are now printed in resin, which means that our customers can enjoy the benefits of resin printing for all of their cosplay needs. We understand that every cosplay is unique, and we want to provide our customers with the best possible materials and tools to make their visions a reality.

One of the unique features of our kits is the gemstones. We hand-dye Monocure 3D's Rapid Model resin in clear with alcohol dyes and a series of metallic powder pigments to match the source material as closely as possible. This is a process we invented ourselves and had not seen used with resin printers before. In fact, Monocure3D has since taken inspiration from us and released their own line of metallic pigmented resins! This is how we create our iconic "colour-shifting" effect that gives our gems the illusion of a glow without having to incorporate any electronics or LEDs.

As we're always striving to improve and innovate, and we believe that our resin-printed accessory kits are a testament to that. With these kits, our customers can take their Genshin Impact cosplay to the next level with ease and confidence. So if you're looking to upgrade your cosplay game, be sure to check out our Albedo Accessory kit and our other resin-printed accessory kits on our store.