Legend of Zelda Wedding Commission Illustris Models

Legend of Zelda Wedding Commission

Illustris Models & 3D Printing's largest commission to date was for a customer's wedding, where they were asked to model, print, finish and paint the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Bow of Light from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The project showcased the team's skills in 3D printing, modeling, hand painting, color matching, and airbrushing. The project also presented several challenges, such as using multiple finishing techniques, including automotive filler primer and sanding for the sword and the need for stronger techniques with the shield and bow, which involved using resin coating XTC-3D. 

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Upgrades to our Cosplay Accessory Kits! Illustris Models

Upgrades to our Cosplay Accessory Kits!

We're excited to announce that our Albedo Accessory Kit from Genshin Impact is now exclusively resin printed. Thanks to valuable customer feedback and the success of our resin-printed accessory kits, we were able to invest in a large-form resin printer and upgrade our production process. All pieces that don't require heat-forming to fit are now resin printed, allowing our customers to easily finish and paint the pieces to upgrade their cosplay. Plus, all gems in our resin kits are carefully colored and hand-dyed to match the source material as closely as possible. 

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Colour-Shifting Genshin Impact Visions Illustris Models

Colour-Shifting Genshin Impact Visions

We introduced fully finished and painted Genshin Impact visions as our first on-store products and debuted them at Sydney Oz Comic-Con in September last year. Our visions are 100% modeled and printed by us, with resin-printed backs, and hand-dyed gems using a process we invented ourselves that creates the "color-shifting" effect without electronics or LEDs. We have sold a large number of visions since launch and gained viral attention on TikTok for our creations!

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Liberation: Alear's Sword from Fire Emblem: Engage Illustris Models

Liberation: Alear's Sword from Fire Emblem: Engage

We recently tackled the ambitious build of Alear's Liberation sword and sheath from Fire Emblem: Engage, and the project has been an incredible success. As avid fans of the game, we were excited to take on this project and bring this iconic weapon to life for cosplayers around the world. After putting them up on our store, we've constantly had the swords printing due to high demand!

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