About Us

All about Illustris

We exist to empower cosplayers, layer by layer. It is our goal to make the trickier aspects of cosplay including prop making and fiddly accessories/details more accessible to everyone. It is your support that allows us to make this goal a reality - not just for you, but for thousands of cosplayers around the world!

What We Do

At Illustris Models we're passionate about sharing not just products, but knowledge as well. We endeavour to make ourselves and our skills accessible in as many ways as possible so we can help as many people as possible! This means you can often find us at cons or other events hosting panels and workshops to help other cosplayers grow and explore crafts such as 3D printing that may have previously seemed out of reach. We also post tutorials and finishing guides online, and are working on Build Books to share our knowledge even more in-depth!

We've also started our own Sponsorship Initiative in an attempt to make our store and cosplaying as a whole more accessible for both younger and low-income cosplayers! Every 6 months we open a Sponsorship draw to give away one of our prop/accessory kits to a lucky cosplayer for free, no questions asked. Illustris Sponsorships is now supported by a range of companies and sponsors including Monocure3D, Polymaker, 3D Printing Solutions, PoweredUp Electrical, Anest Iwata Australia and Rakuda Cosplay!

What We Aspire to Do

Illustris Models started in late 2019 as a way for us to help our close friends with their cosplays. 3 years on, helping others achieve their cosplay dreams is still our #1 priority. The ultimate goal for Illustris Models is to become a hub for cosplayers in Australia - a place to interact, to learn new things, to meet new people, to have new experiences in a safe environment. We endeavour to make cosplay accessible, and it is our dream to one day open a cosplay makerspace in Sydney, then maybe even around Australia! Every purchase through Illustris Models not only helps your cosplay dream, but also ours. Help us so we can continue to help cosplayers in bigger and better ways!