Illustris Models & 3D Printing is a duo from Sydney, Australia, working to make cosplay accessible to the masses. With their 3D modelling skills, army of printers and little family of cats, they offer 3D printed kits, downloadable STL files, blueprints and more of props and accessories for a range of cosplays. They also offer limited slots for fully finished prop commissions, as well as occasionally running 3D printing workshops!

Shin (illustris_cosplay) is the brains behind most of the models, having started the business in October 2019. She is a small human with a love of big swords, and is almost too impatient to be using 3D printers at all. Her favourite video game is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia.

Laith (monkeydocosplay) tends to be the logical side of Illustris Models. He too works on 3D models, but specialises in painting and doing the scary maintenance jobs like changing motherboards and LCD screens on printers. He is a fan of spears and axes, and generally any prop that will take over 300 hours to print. Laith's favourite video games are God of War 3, Ghost of Tsushima and the Legend of Zelda series.

You'll often find them in their workshop wrestling their 3D printers or their three cats, Pippin, Grandma Rum and Aunty Pickles, as they chew on filament and steal hex wrenches.

If you have any enquiries, please direct them to !

  • Sian

    Co-Owner and creator for Illustris Models! Find her on Instagram at @illustris_cosplay and Twitter at @illustris22

  • Pippin, Pickles and Rum

    Mascots, moral support, cats-for-scale, gremlins who sit on keyboards and climb on 3D printers

  • Laith

    Co-Owner, The painter, the Resin Man, and modeller-in-training. Find him on Instagram as @monkeydocosplay and Twitter as @monkeydostuff

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