Introducing Illustris Sponsorships

Illustris Models is committed to making cosplay accessible, especially for lower-income and younger cosplayers. We're excited to introduce Illustris Sponsorships, a new program designed to support aspiring cosplayers in realizing their costume dreams!

Illustris Sponsorships is now sponsored and supported by:

What is Illustris Sponsorships?

Every 6, Illustris Models will be sponsoring an Australian cosplayer with an accessory kit or prop up to the value of $275 on our store! This includes accessory kits, small props, swords and more!

How to get involved

Scroll on down and fill in the form below - we just need some info on your cosplay and that's it! We're working with an honesty system here as we don't believe you should have to divulge any financial information to "qualify" for a sponsorship. Everyone goes through hard times, and we won't question you on it.

The form will be open for a month each round, and the 1st of the next month we'll randomly draw an entry to be our sponsor! All we ask is that you credit us in all WIP, photoshoot and story posts where are products are included and send us some photos of you with the product!

Things you should know

- At this current time, we are only offering Illustris Sponsorships to Australian cosplayers as we cannot afford to absorb international shipping costs on top of the material costs for these sponsorships. Thank you for understanding!

- If you're interested in getting sponsored but would like a product we don't currently offer, please message us prior to applying - we'll let you know if we can model it for you if you get drawn!

- All sponsorships are for 3D printed kits - they will not be fully finished products, so all finishing and painting is down to you!

Want to join in the fun?

Are you an Australian creative who would like to get involved with Illustris Sponsorships?

We'd be more than happy to arrange collaborations with like-minded creators wishing to make cosplay more accessible. If you'd like to offer a helping hand for sponsorships, please reach out. We'd love to work with you!

Illustris Sponsorships