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Our Mission

Illustris Models began when Shin decided to learn 3D modelling and printing so a group cosplay didn't have to order expensive cosplay kits from overseas, paying premium on shipping. To this day, Illustris Models endeavours to make cosplay kits and accessories accessible and affordible to cosplayers both in Australia and worldwide! Servicing thousands of cosplayers and sponsoring cosplay events such as Sydney Manga and Anime Sow (SMASH!), Comic Gong, Cosplay Market Convention, the Cosplay Tutorial Challenge (and many more!), we are passionate about empowering cosplayers, layer by layer.

Want a seamless finish?

Check out our 3D print finishing guides for both FDM and Resin prints, along with our recommended shopping list to achieve seamless props every time!

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CLOUD Buster Sword 3D Printed KIT [Final Fantasy 7 Remake]
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