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  • Skylar Novak

    "Really nice, highly detailed print. I scaled mine down to 80% for a realistic size, and printed it on my 20x20 printer. Some pieces needed to be sliced to fit, but thankfully because a lot of thought was put into how all the pieces connect, I was able to slice without fear of certain pieces not having the support they need. It took about 5-ish days to print, and I used about 2-3 1kg spools of filament, printed with 10% infill. I definitely recommend this print. It's very clear a lot of time went into creating it, and the creator understands the structure of props really well."

  • PixeledMachoo

    "The quality is amazing, sometimes 3d prints can leave deep lines but not this. Alot of time and effort went into making this and it shows. They are Extremely helpful and I am very impressed with all of my experience. I will definitely be shopping here again."

  • Taire

    "Seller is SOOO kind and accommodating! They made a special listing for me with adjusted shipping prices and were able to expedite the process of printing my pieces and sending them my way because I needed them soon for a con, and went above and beyond my expectations. So so happy with the items and their qualify!! No photo because I totally forgot before divvying the items between my friend and I, but everything is so lovely :)"

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