MONDSTADT Colour Shift Vision Amulet 3D Printed Kit [Genshin Impact]

$44.00 USD Regular price $52.80

Mondstadt's standard vision amulets from Genshin Impact! This is a physical print.

We currently offer the standardised Mondstadt vision (alternate vision designs coming soon!) in the following styles:
- Anemo
- Geo
- Pyro
- Cryo
- Electro
- Hydro
- Dendro

Additional character size/design variations:
- Lisa
- Sucrose
- Albedo
- Venti
- Kaeya
- Eula

Design variations are included in the product images, all others are size variations.

We also offer the gems in plain Uncoloured PLA filament for painting (these are just printed in whatever PLA we have on hand), or in colour-shifting 3D printed resin. The choice is yours!

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