KEYLETH Staff 3D PRINTED KIT [Legend of Vox Machina]

$105.00 AUD
Gem Material

Keyleth's staff from Legend of Vox Machina! This is the physical printed in your choice of PLA Filament or Resin! and your choice of PLA or Coloured Resin Gems!

Resin allows for higher detail and an easier Body shopping experience and you are able to achieve a higher polish on the gem!

The staff measures approx. 190cm tall and is split into 25cm sections for ease of printing. The gem in the head is a separate piece and will be resin printed! PLEASE NOTE: for the gem to slot in properly it must be fitted in the slot before gluing the 2 small sections onto the rest of the staff head.

For large kits such as this, please allow 2-4 weeks print time!

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