2SPRAY Mini Gravity Spray Gun

$164.95 AUD

Attention, fellow cosplayers! Are you tired of using low-quality spray guns that ruin your costumes and props? Look no further than the 2SPRAY Mini Gravity Spray Gun! With its sleek gun metal finish, this spray gun is not only stylish but also incredibly versatile.

Adjust the spray pattern and fluid control to achieve the perfect level of detail on your costumes and props. With two needle/nozzle sizes (1.0mm and 1.2mm), you can easily switch between fluid viscosities and achieve the desired effect. The 125ml fluid cup means less time refilling and more time creating your masterpiece.

Not only is this spray gun lightweight and ergonomic, but it also has low air consumption, making it suitable for use in spot repair and small batch coating. Whether you're working on a detailed armor piece or adding finishing touches to your wig, the 2SPRAY Mini Gravity Spray Gun is the perfect tool for any cosplay enthusiast.