ALEAR Liberation Sword STL FILES [Fire Emblem: Engage]

$15.12 AUD
Alear's sword, Liberation, from Fire Emblem: Engage! This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.

The sword measures approx. 110cm in length and is modelled with a channel for a 6.5mm dowel. We recommend using aluminium rods to keep weight down! The sword is split to print on 25cm tall printers, so you'll receive it in approx. 25cm sections.

We have 3 options for the sword:

1. Sword - this is just the sword! Perfect for cosplayers who don't mind carrying props around and always posing on the fly

2. Sword + Sheath - this is the sword and the sheath designed to hold it! The sheath will be a bit more work to finish up than the sword (and we recommend strengthening it with XTC-3D since it's quite thin, also lining it with felt/foam/velvet to protect your paint job) but will come in handy for cosplayers who like having their hands free during cons!

3. Sheathed Sword - this is a version of the sword that DOES NOT come out of the sheath. Perfect for cosplayers who want to flaunt other FE weapons but not lose out on the addition of Alear's signature sword at their side.

Intended for personal use only. If used for commercial sales, please purchase a new file per commercial sale. Do not resell or redistribute our models in any capacity. Thank you.

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