Decayed Master Sword STL FILES [The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom]

$16.80 AUD
The damaged Master Sword from Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.

Due to the complexity of this model, the blade section is only printable on 40cm tall print beds. The crossguard, handle and pommel, however, can be printed on 22x22x25cm beds! Additionally, the blade section file is quite beefy due to all the texturing - we found that Cura may lag/freeze when slicing, but Prusa slicer likes it a lot more! PLEASE NOTE: if your computer has low processing power, it may struggle to slice this blade piece. As for supports, we recommend using Cura Trees or Prusa Organic supports!

The sword in its damaged form measures at approx. 65cm. The crossguard, handle and pommel have a hole modelled for an internal rod or dowel of 12mm diameter, but the sword piece does not. Because of this we recommend using a strong adhesive on the blade and crossguard seam such as 2-part epoxy!

Intended for personal use only. If used for commercial sales, please purchase a new file per commercial sale. Do not resell or redistribute our models in any capacity. Thank you.

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