Colour-Shifting Genshin Impact Visions Illustris Models

Colour-Shifting Genshin Impact Visions

Colour-Shifting Genshin Impact Visions

We're proud to present our Genshin Impact visions, the first fully finished and painted products we offered on-store, not commission-basis. We debuted them at Sydney Oz Comic-Con in September 2021, and they've been a huge success ever since.

Our visions are 100% modelled and printed by us, inspired by the hit game Genshin Impact. To achieve the stunning looks we're known for, we use a combination of resin printing and hand-painting techniques.

For the vision backs, we use Monocure 3D's Rapid Model resin to print the intricate designs, then prime and paint them ourselves. We use both spray painting and hand painting for the smaller details on sets like the Mondstadt and Snezhnaya visions.

The vision gems are even more complex. We start with clear Monocure 3D's Rapid Model resin and hand-dye it with alcohol dyes and a series of metallic powder pigments. This is a process we invented ourselves, and we're proud to say that Monocure3D has since taken inspiration from us and released their own line of metallic pigmented resins!

Thanks to our unique dyeing process, our visions have an iconic "colour-shifting" effect that gives them the illusion of a glow without any electronics or LEDs. It's no wonder they've been so popular – we've sold a huge number since launch and even went viral on TikTok for our Vision creations!

We're thrilled to have brought Genshin Impact's visions to life in such a stunning way, and we can't wait to see what other projects we'll tackle in the future. If you're a fan of the game or just love beautiful, hand-crafted pieces, check out our Genshin Impact visions today!