Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors Illustris Models

Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors

Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors

When we first received the request to model Gwen's Cafe Cuties skin Scissors from League of Legends, we knew it was going to be a challenging project. Not only did we need to create an accurate 3D model of the scissors, but we also had to make sure that they were functional and able to swing open and closed.

To start the project, we used reference images and videos of the scissors to create an initial 3D model in Fusion 360. We then used the sculpt and form environments in Fusion 360 to refine the shape and details of the scissors. This was an iterative process, requiring a lot of fine-tuning and adjustments to get everything just right.

Once we were happy with the 3D model, we added in the necessary hardware to make the scissors functional. We used multiple 6.3mm aluminium rods to give the scissors strength and allow them to swing open and closed smoothly. This was another challenging aspect of the project, as we had to ensure that the rods were positioned correctly and that they didn't interfere with the overall aesthetics of the scissors.

After the model was complete, we printed it in several sections on our 3D printers. We then carefully assembled the sections together, making sure that everything lined up perfectly. The final result was a stunning pair of scissors that looked just like the ones in the game, but with the added functionality of being able to open and close.

Overall, the Gwen's Cafe Cuties skin Scissors were one of our most challenging and rewarding modeling projects to date. We're incredibly proud of the final result and can't wait to take on more ambitious projects like this in the future.