Peach's Crown from the Super Mario Movie Illustris Models

Peach's Crown from the Super Mario Movie

Introducing our newest model, the Princess Peach Crown from the upcoming Super Mario movie! Covered in intricate and delicate filigree, we were immediately drawn to its unique design and decided to create a 3D model to capture all the details. As we worked on the model, we discovered charming little details such as the hidden mushrooms within the filigree, making it even more special. While this will be our first model exclusively for resin printing, we're excited to offer a detailed and beautiful accessory for cosplayers and fans alike. Our main challenge was finding a balance between creating the delicate, regal vibe while also ensuring that the crown was strong and durable enough for cosplay use. We can't wait to release the entire accessory kit before the end of March in anticipation of the Super Mario movie release!

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Ingrid from God of War: Ragnarok Illustris Models

Ingrid from God of War: Ragnarok

Introducing our first 3D model from the God of War series - Atreus's sword, Ingrid. This masterpiece has taken close to 100 hours of modelling, with most of that time devoted to the intricate details on the hilt and pommel. Despite the time-consuming modelling process, the final result was an easy-to-print model that can fit on 220x220x250mm printers. What's more, all the minute details are printable on FDM printers at 0.12mm layer height, making it accessible for even hobbyist 3D printers to create their own stunning replicas. The sword's design is inspired by the latest game in the series, God of War: Ragnarok, and it has quickly become a fan favorite. In fact, we have already sold numerous printed kits and have been commissioned for full accessory kits for Atreus from both God of War 3 and Ragnarok thanks to the success of this model.

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Eula's Song of Broken Pines Illustris Models

Eula's Song of Broken Pines

In our latest 3D modeling project, we took on the challenge of recreating Eula's Song of Broken Pines from Genshin Impact. This was a tricky task as we aimed to make the blade as slim and lightweight as possible while still keeping it true to the source material. With a focus on intricate details and a sleek design, the end result was a stunning and functional piece that any Genshin Impact cosplayer would be proud to wield.

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Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors Illustris Models

Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors

The latest addition to our 3D model collection is Gwen's Cafe Cuties skin Scissors from the popular game League of Legends. This was a challenging project that required us to focus heavily on the modeling aspect, with the added challenge of making the scissors fully functional and able to swing open and closed. We're excited to share our build log and process with you!

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