CRYSTAL EXARCH Staff STL Files [Final Fantasy xiv]

$20.00 AUD

The Crystal Exarch's staff from Final Fantasy XIV! This was a commission for a client which is now available for purchase on my store! This is the digital STL files ONLY.

You will receive a .zip containing files for the staff head, staff upper, staff middle and staff lower. The staff head are supplied in whole pieces, and also in sliced variants for ease of printing. All options have their pros and cons - the choice is up to you!

The model is designed for all pieces to thread onto a 20mm dowel/pipe and is scaled to fit a 230mm printer. If you want the staff bigger, feel free to scale the individual pieces up in your slicer! NOTE: this may prove difficult to fit dowels/pipes so the choice is yours.

Intended for personal use only. If used for commercial sales, please purchase a new file per commercial sale. Do not resell or redistribute our models in any capacity. Thank you.

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