3D Model Commissions

We accept 3D modelling commissions periodically throughout the year - this is not on a set schedule, and depends on how busy the store is in other areas!

Please send all 3D modelling enquiries to info@illustrismodels.com including the scale you'd like the prop to be, and 5-10 high quality references from multiple angles. We cannot model props without solid references, so enquiries without them will not be followed up.

We only accept 3D modelling commissions if we determine them to be within our current modelling capabilities, but don't worry - we're always aiming to improve our skills and make bigger and better props than before!

3D modelling commissions start at our base price of $30AUD, which then goes up depending on the complexity of the model.


Finished Prop Commissions [Closed]

We currently accept a small amount of finished prop commissions. Please note: pricing is situational and depends on the complexity of the commission.

We do offer payment plans to assist in the affordability of our finished prop commissions! Youi can choose weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments following a 30% deposit. The finished prop will not be dispatched to you until you complete your payment plan, even if we finish making it before then.

Finished prop commissions will take anywhere from 6 - 12 months (and in some cases, longer) depending on the complexity of the prop and paintjob required. We cannot give shipping estimates until the prop is completed and packaged, and shipping will need to be paid before we dispatch your finished prop to you! For safety reasons, all finished prop commissions are sent via registered/express post where possible.

From 2022 onwards, all our commissions will be run through Cosmosii, so if you're interested in commissioning us, please sign up in preparation!

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