Polymaker CosPLA 1kg

$39.95 AUD

Polymaker CosPLA is a special PLA formula designed for cosplay props application. It has
been enhanced for ease of sanding, durability and paint-ability. This Version B is a
specialized formula that is more suited to swords, hammers and armour which might
encounter some impacts or cosplay that requires more strength.

Made for Cosplay - Polymaker CosPLA Version B has been formulated to deliver enhanced sandability and significantly improved durability compared to regular PLA. The combination of durability, sandability and ease of painting make CosPLA version B the perfect choice for your next cosplay 3D printing project.

Compatibility In Mind - Polymaker CosPLA Version B is compatible with a wide range of
3D printers and works well with many common printing surfaces and a 30 - 60°C heated

Jam-Free™ technology - Polymaker CosPLA Version B is manufactured with Polymakers
Jam-Free™ technology which improves the heat stability of the filament with softening
temperatures over 140°C and leads to excellent printing quality with zero risk of nozzle jams caused by heat creep [1].

Uncompromised Quality - Manufactured with Polymakers industry leading compounding and extrusion systems, Polymaker CosPLA Version B filament is made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to deliver a reliable 3D printing filament for cosplay and prop applications.

[1] Heat creep is the the process of heat spreading irregularly throughout the hot end, one common example is with all metal hot end designs. Once heat creeps towards the cold end, the PLA filament softens prematurely in the cold end and expands resulting in a jam. Polymakers Jam-Free™ technology increases the heat resistance of the filament itself (not the printed part) to 140°C which prevents the filament from prematurely softening in the cold end and can still melt