CLOUD Buster Sword STL FILES [Final Fantasy 7 Remake]

$20.00 AUD
CLOUD Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII Remake) This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.

The Sword measures approx. 180cm in length and has internal channels for x4 12mm & X1 6.3mm/quarter inch rods or dowels for internal strength. and optional x8-x12 12mm Magnets to attach removable materia bracket (this can also be glued in place. We recommend using aluminum rods to keep the weight down! The Sword will come split into 25cm sections for you to assemble and paint yourself. with the option of Resin Materia Gems!

there is a 175cm and 160cm versions of the sword in the files. the 160cm version can all fit on 250 volume print beds (some pieces may need to be angled the cross guard is a tight fit)

the crossguard on the 175cm version needs to be printed on a 300mm volume machine, all blade pieces can still fit on 250mm volume machines. (again some pieces may need to be angled to fit

There is also a version that has extra support where the materia slots are not hollow so there is an extra 10mm dowel hole running from the handle all the way through the sword to provide extra strength as an option

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