Winter Lissa Accessories 3D PRINTED KIT [Fire Emblem: Heroes]

$150.00 AUD
Winter Lissa's accessories from Fire Emblem: Heroes! This listing is for the physical print Printed in in your choice of PLA Filament or a mix of PLA filament & Resin with coloured Gems!

Resin allows for higher detail and an easier Body shopping experience! 

You will receive the raw prints: all constructing, sanding, painting, etc. is down to you!

The kit includes the following:
- 1x Bell
- 1x plain bauble
- 1x embellished bauble
- 6x Chest & Sleeve star
- 3x Hair Star 1
- 3x Hair Star 2
- 3x Hair Star 3
- 1x Headpiece
- 6x Hip Stars
- 1x Holly Brooch
- 6x Petticoat Details

Please allow 3-6 weeks for printing time!

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