SAKURA's Rod 3D Printed Kit [Fire Emblem: Fates]

$70.00 AUD

Sakura's rod from Fire Emblem: Fates! This is a physical print in PLA Filament.

The rod is split into approx. 20cm sections for ease of printing, with a hole for a dowel for easy and stable assembly! The whole rod measures approx. 60cm. The "mirror" section is completely separate and can therefore be replaced with a 5mm mirror (not sold by us - you will have to source a local glass cutter) cut to size if you desire. This is a raw print - assembly, sanding and painting is all up to you!

If you are interested in a fully finished prop, please check our FAQs then click the "Request Custom Order" button down the righthand side of our store to enquire!

For large kits such as this, please allow 2-4 weeks print time!

Please tag me on instagram (illustris_cosplay) and twitter (illustris22) in posts with my models and prints! I'd love to see your finished cosplays!