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MONA Accessory Kit 3D Printed Kit [Genshin Impact]

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Mona's accessories from Genshin Impact! This is the physical prints in PLA filament, with the option for resin printed gems. You will receive the raw prints - all sanding, finishing and painting is down to you!

This kit includes:
- Cape detail x2
- Cape diamond x4
- Cape gem x2
- Choker star
- Collar charm
- Collar gem
- Earring
- Glove diamond x4
- Glove star x2
- Hair finial x2
- Hat detail
- Hat detail gem
- Hat star
- Hydro gem
- Leotard diamond x8
- Shoulder diamond x2
- Thigh detail
- Thigh detail gem
- Thigh star
- Vision body

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