LYNEY Accessories 3D PRINTED KIT [Genshin Impact]

$65.00 AUD

Layney's accessories from Genshin Impact! This listing is for the physical accessory kit Printed in in your choice of PLA Filament or a mix of PLA filament and Resin!

the Lapel Detail is printed in PLA to keep it lightweight.

The pieces are unfinished, and will need priming and painting upon arrival as well as gluing any attachments such as brooch backs and pins.

The kit includes the following:
- 2x Blowse Diamond
- 4x Lapel Diamond
- 4x Cat Thigh Details
- 4x Thigh O Rings
- 2x Hand Diamonds
- 2x Wrist Details
- 1x Hat Bow Detail
- 1x Hat Cat Detail
- 1x Hat Diamond
- 1x Shoulder Cat Detail
- 2x Lapel Dangle
- 2x Shoe Detail 1
- 2x Shoe Cat Detail

Please allow 2-4 weeks printing time!

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