Lynette Accessories STL FILES [Genshin Impact]

$20.00 AUD
Lynette's accessories from Genshin Impact! This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.


These pieces should print fine on any size printer as they are all quite small. We recommend printing these in resin and cannot guarantee clean prints of some small details on FDM printers.
The kit includes the following:
- 1x Chest Buckle (Front & Back)
- 6x Dress Buckles
- 4x Hand Diamonds
- 2x Lapel Diamonds
- 1x Shoulder Cat Detail
- 1x Lapel Dangle
- 1x Shoe Detail 1
- 1x Shoe Cat Detail
- 1x Spine Detail 1
- 1x Spine Detail 2
- 1x Spine Detail 3

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