LINK Master Sword BLUEPRINT [The Legend of Zelda]

$10.00 AUD

Link's Master Sword blueprint! This is the digital PDF file ONLY.

All blueprints on my store are 1:1 scale. They are ripped straight from my 3D modelling files on Fusion 360 - as a result, some of the shapes are not rounded where they should be as this is something I would modify once I start modelling rather than in the sketch. These blueprints are to be used as a guide only, and may not be 100% true to all references for the prop.

To print to size, open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, and when in the print window, select the "Poster" option. Acrobat will then split the PDF across as many A4 sheets needed to print it to true size.

Intended for personal use only. If used for commercial sales, please purchase a new file per commercial sale. Thank you.

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