GWEN Mythmaker Scissors 3D PRINTED KIT [League of Legends]

$240.00 AUD
Gwen's Mythmaker Scissors from League of Legends! This is the physical print in PLA Filament.

The total length of the scissors when built is approx. 150cm. All pieces are split to print in 25cm sections.

The scissors are modelled with various internal slots for 6.3mm (quarter inch) aluminium rods (down the length of the blades, at the joins of the handles, etc.) and also have a hole through the blades and through the "cap" section for a 10mm dowel or rod. This rod is designed to be glued into the back (jade) hinge section and the "cap" but NOT the gold hinge section - as long as you're careful with the glue here, the blades should be able to open and close!

For large kits such as this, please allow 6-8 weeks print time!

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