GWEN Cafe Cuties Scissors 3D PRINTED KIT [League of Legends]

$320.00 AUD

Gwen's Cafe Cuties Scissors from League of Legends is finally here, and it is now available in a physical print made from high-quality PLA Filament. This exquisite cosplay accessory will make your cosplay experience more authentic and memorable. The total length of the scissors when assembled is approximately 160cm, making it the perfect size for cosplay events.

The blades of the scissors are designed to be printed on 25cm tall printers, while the larger sections like the handles and hinge pieces can only be printed on printers with a build size of 35x35cm and above. The design includes various internal slots for 6.5mm aluminium rods, which run down the length of the blades and at the joints of the handles. Additionally, the blades and two "cap" sections feature a hole for a 12mm dowel or rod, which can be glued into the "cap" section and the top blade, allowing the blades to open and close.

With an impressive 496 hours' worth of print time, this prop is a true work of art and a must-have for any League of Legends cosplayer. However, due to the complexity and size of the prop, it may take 4-8 weeks to print on demand, so please plan accordingly.

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What's Included?