ETERNAL Sailor Scout Accessories STL FILES [Sailor Moon Eternal]

$25.00 AUD

Eternal Sailor Scout accessories! This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.

The kit includes:
- 1x small tiara star
- 1 tiara (star is not attached as tiara must be printed in filament)
- 2x miniature earring stars
- 5x standard stars (for choker, gloves & boots)
- 1x XL front bow star
- 1x large hip roll star

The tiara is approx. 14-15cm wide and can be heat formed to properly fit your forehead with a heatgun from the back face of the tiara. We recommend gluing hairclips to the back to attach it to your wig cap! As for printing the tiara, we recommend printing upside-down on a raft with Cura's tree supports. For the stars, we resin printed all except the earrings, as the hoops kept breaking on us - perhaps you'll have better luck! We used clear resin with mixed-in metallic powder pigments. If you want to do the same, be sure to mix the resin in the vat before every print as the pigment does settle on the bottom, and be sure to change your FEP sheet and deep clean your vat before printing anything else afterwards!

Intended for personal use only. If used for commercial sales, please purchase a new file per commercial sale. Do not resell or redistribute our models in any capacity. Thank you.

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