ETERNAL Sailor Scout Accessories 3D Printed Kit [Sailor Moon Eternal]

$45.00 AUD

Eternal Sailor Scout accessories! This listing is for the physical prints, with your choice between standard PLA filament or UV Resin prints.

The kit includes:
- 1x small tiara star
- 1 tiara (star is not attached as tiara must be printed in filament)
- 2x miniature earring stars
- 5x standard stars (for choker, gloves & boots)
- 1x XL front bow star
- 1x large hip roll star

The tiara is approx. 14-15cm wide and can be heat formed to properly fit your forehead with a heatgun from the back face of the tiara. It is a raw print and will need to be finished and painted by you. We recommend gluing hairclips to the back to attach it to your wig cap!

Regarding variations, there are three for this kit: standard PLA, UV resin (gold only) and UV resin (senshi-specific). As for the senshi-specific kit for Sailor Moon, it will not include the XL front bow star as she doesn't have one! In the future we will be modelling her brooch and including it in this kit as well. Please note that for all variations the tiara and earrings are printed in standard PLA. Prices vary due to powder pigment usage per scout.

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