DETECTIVE PEACH Magnifying Glass 3D PRINTED Kit [Princess Peach: Showtime!]

$40.00 AUD
Detective Peach's magnifying glass from the Princess Peach: Showtime! This listing is for the physical print in PLA Filament.

The magnifying glass measures approx. 20cm in length and has an internal channel for a 6.3mm/quarter inch dowel/rod for added strength - we recommend using aluminium rods to keep the weight down! This is a raw print kit, so all finishing and painting is up to you!

There are 2 options for the magnifying glass:
- Standard: this is the handle and a solid circle frame. Perfect for kids/conventions with strict prop guidelines that may not allow proper magnifying glasses due to fire safety concerns.
- With Glass Slot: this variation has a slot which can fit a 10cm diameter and up to 4mm thick magnifying glass lens. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED and must be sourced externally.

Please allow 2-4 weeks print time!

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