DANCER CLASS Accessory Kit 3D Printed Kit [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]

$45.00 AUD
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Accessory kit for the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses! This is a physical print in Your Choice of PLA Filament or a mix of PLA Filament And Resin

the bracelets are always printed in filament at this stage so you can heat form them to better fit.

The quantities are based on the in-game model for the female dancer kit. The male dancer kit has roughly the same amount of accessories, but the names I give the pieces are relevant to their placement on the female design not the male. I also worked closely with indigo_jinjo (Cosplayprintables on Etsy) in regards to accessories to match her sewing pattern - if you need help in the sewing department of your dancer cosplay, definitely check out her store!

NEW: smaller "Jewellery Only" kit is now available which includes ONLY the armbands, bangles and choker charm!

This kit includes:
- Large Belt Dangles x13
- Square Belt Dangles x13
- Circle Belt Dangles (2 holes) x2
- Circle Belt Dangle (1 hole) x1
- Necklace/Tabard Circle Dangles (2 holes) x30
- Necklace/Tabard Circle Dangles (1 hole) x2
- Necklace/Tabard Teardrop Dangles (1 hole) x28
- Necklace/Tabard Teardrop Dangles (2 holes) x 2
- Pouldron Medallion x2
- Top Armband x2
- Bangle x2
- Hip brooch x1
- Choker Charm x1

We now offer variations of the Pouldron Medallion including ALL of the students' Crests:
- Plain
- Crest of Aubin (Yuri)
- Crest of Blaidydd (Dimitri)
- Crest of Cethleann (Linhardt, Flayn)
- Crest of Charon (Lysithea)
- Crest of Chevalier (Balthus)
- Crest of Cichol (Ferdinand)
- Crest of Daphnel (Ingrid)
- Crest od Dominic (Anette)
- Crest of Flames (Byleth, Edelgard)
- Crest of Fraldarius (Felix)
- Crest of Gautier (Sylvain)
- Crest of Gloucester (Lorenz, Lysithea)
- Crest of Goneril (Hilda)
- Crest of Indech (Bernadetta)
- Crest of Lamine (Mercedes)
- Crest of Noa (Constance)
- Crest of Riegan (Claude)
- Crest of Seiros (Edelgard)
- Crest of the Beast (Marianne)
- Crest of Timothean (Hapi)

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