DANCER CLASS Accessory Kit 3D Printed Kit [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]

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Accessory kit for the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses! This is a physical print in PLA filament. The quantities are based on the in-game model for the female dancer kit. The male dancer kit has roughly the same amount of accessories, but the names I give the pieces are relevant to their placement on the female design not the male. I also worked closely with indigo_jinjo (Cosplayprintables on Etsy) in regards to accessories to match her sewing pattern - if you need help in the sewing department of your dancer cosplay, definitely check out her store!

NEW: smaller "Jewellery Only" kit is now available which includes ONLY the armbands, bangles and choker charm!

This kit includes:
- Large Belt Dangles x13
- Square Belt Dangles x13
- Circle Belt Dangles (2 holes) x2
- Circle Belt Dangle (1 hole) x1
- Necklace/Tabard Circle Dangles (2 holes) x30
- Necklace/Tabard Circle Dangles (1 hole) x2
- Necklace/Tabard Teardrop Dangles (1 hole) x28
- Necklace/Tabard Teardrop Dangles (2 holes) x 2
- Pouldron Medallion x2
- Top Armband x2
- Bangle x2
- Hip brooch x1
- Choker Charm x1

We now offer variations of the Pouldron Medallion including ALL of the students' Crests:
- Plain
- Crest of Aubin (Yuri)
- Crest of Blaidydd (Dimitri)
- Crest of Cethleann (Linhardt, Flayn)
- Crest of Charon (Lysithea)
- Crest of Chevalier (Balthus)
- Crest of Cichol (Ferdinand)
- Crest of Daphnel (Ingrid)
- Crest od Dominic (Anette)
- Crest of Flames (Byleth, Edelgard)
- Crest of Fraldarius (Felix)
- Crest of Gautier (Sylvain)
- Crest of Gloucester (Lorenz, Lysithea)
- Crest of Goneril (Hilda)
- Crest of Indech (Bernadetta)
- Crest of Lamine (Mercedes)
- Crest of Noa (Constance)
- Crest of Riegan (Claude)
- Crest of Seiros (Edelgard)
- Crest of the Beast (Marianne)
- Crest of Timothean (Hapi)

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