GALE Staff STL Files (Baldur's Gate 3)

$25.00 AUD
Gale's Staff from Baldur's Gate 3! This listing is for the digital .STL files ONLY.

The total length of the Staff when built is approx. 210CM. All pieces are split to print in 25cm sections.

there are 2 variants you can choose from Either: either with the or just the detail pieces made to slot onto a 43mm Diameter Dowel/PVC Pipe

Pole - Wood Texture:
this comes with all the pole pieces Printed with a hand sculpted wood texture. there are channels running up the entire staff for 10mm Aluminium rods for support and alignment. (you can make the staff shorter by using fewer of the Wood Textured Pole Pieces). this includes:

Top & Bottom Cap Details
X3 Ring Details
X6 Textured Pole Pieces (for the Visible Top and bottom portions of the Staff
X4 Untextured Pole Pieces (intended to be fabric or Leather Wrapped for the Handle Sections)

Or the Detail Pieces Only these have a 43mm Dowel Hole though each piece. these are designed to slot onto a PVC Pipe with an outer Diameter of around 42mm.

this includes:
Top & Bottom Cap Details
X3 Ring Details

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