BARBARA Accessory Kit 3D PRINT [Genshin Impact]

$90.00 AUD
Barbara's accessory kit from Genshin Impact. This is the physical kit Printed in in your choice of PLA Filament or a mix of PLA filament Resin with coloured Gems! both versions come with a resin printed vision with coloured vision Gem!

Resin allows for higher detail and an easier Body shopping experience!

All gems are hand pigmented and ready to go, and the kit will also include a colour-shifting vision! The kit is available with or without the book, and there is an option for the book without a vision slot in case you already have a vision of your own you'd prefer to use!

The book is hollowed out and designed for the front cover to attach with magnets so you can hide phones, wallets and other goodies inside!

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What's Included/Additional Hardware

The kit includes the following:

- Back Bow Brooch
- Back Cross x2
- Belt Buckle x2
- Book Back Cover
- Book Front Cover
- Book Pages Insert
- Book Spine
- Collar Detail x2
- Collar Gem x2
- Cross Dangle
- Hat Brooch
- Hip Brooch x3
- Hip Brooch Gem x3
- Neck Brooch
- Neck Brooch Gem
- Wrist Brooch x4
- Wrist Brooch Gem x4

Additional finishing and painting supply Recommendations can be found here: Finishing Guides

Shipping & Delivery

Please allow 2-3 Weeks for Production, as all of our kits are made to order!