ARES Sword STL FILES [Hades]

$12.60 AUD

Ares' Sword from the popular game, Hades! Get your hands on the digital .STL files for 3D printing today.

This iconic weapon measures approximately 85cm in length and features an internal channel for adding additional strength using a 6.5mm rod or dowel. We recommend using aluminum rods to keep the weight low. The sword model is split into sections suitable for printing on a 25cm tall print bed.

Cosplayers, take note! Ares wields one of these swords himself and has two more rigged on his back. For our Ares build, we plan on printing the main sword in resin for added detail and the two swords on his back in FDM with 5-10% infill for ease of rigging. Resin is a personal preference for us, but it's not necessary!

Please note that these files are intended for personal use only. If you plan on using the models for commercial sales, a new file must be purchased for each sale. Do not resell or redistribute our models in any way.

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