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Unleash your inner warrior with Ares' sword from Hades! This exquisite physical print in PLA filament is an essential piece for any Ares cosplayer looking to embody the powerful god of war. Measuring approximately 85cm in length, this sword features a single internal channel for a 6.5mm rod or dowel for added strength and durability. For a lightweight and realistic feel, we recommend using aluminum rods during assembly.

Customize your cosplay experience with our range of options - choose from 1, 2, or 3 Ares' swords to match the iconic look from Hades. Just like in the game, Ares wields one and has two more rigged on his back, so you can recreate the full look with ease depending on your preferences!

Please allow 2-4 weeks print time for large kits such as this.

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