AERITH Guard Stick 3D PRINTED KIT (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

$115.00 AUD
Handle Style
Materia 1
Materia 2
AERITH Guard Stick (Final Fantasy VII Remake) This is the physical print in PLA filament with resin Gems.

The baton measures approx. 170cm in length and has internal channels for 2x 6.3mm/quarter inch rods or dowels for internal strength. We recommend using aluminum rods to keep the weight down! The Baton will come split into 25cm sections for you to assemble and paint yourself. the head pieces are made to be hollow to reduce weight.
with your choice of a printed wrapped handle or plain handle to wrap yourself (please specify in an order note if you would like the wrapped or unwrapped handle)

you can also choose what materia you would like on the guard stick! green, blue, yellow, red and purple are available and you can chose any combination of the colours! all gems are hand mixed resin so colours may vary between batches.

For large kits such as this, please allow 2-4 weeks print time!

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