2SPRAY Rotating Turntable

$39.95 AUD

Introducing the PS.TURNTABLE - 2SPRAY Rotating Turntable, the perfect addition to your cosplay workshop! Designed to make painting and airbrushing your props and costumes a breeze, this turntable is a must-have tool for any serious cosplayer.

With a 260mm diameter and slip-resistant surface, this rotating turntable allows you to easily paint all sides of your cosplay props and accessories, giving you professional-looking results every time. Perfect for sculpting with clay or modelling putty, as well as airbrushing your models and even cake decorating, this versatile turntable is a must-have for any cosplayer looking to take their craft to the next level.

Please note that this item is a special order and may take 1-2 weeks to dispatch. Don't wait any longer to upgrade your cosplay game – order the PS.TURNTABLE - 2SPRAY Rotating Turntable today and start creating your next masterpiece!