RHEA Headdress + Accessories 3D Printed Kit [Fire Emblem Three Houses]

$35.00 AUD

This is an accessory kit for Archbishop Rhea from Fire Emblem: Three Houses! This is a physical 3D print, Printed in in your choice of PLA Filament or a mix of PLA filament & Resin 

Resin allows for higher detail and an easier Body shopping experience!

I'm offering two versions of the kit - one includng the headdress pieces only, and one including everything for the headdress and all of her other brooches as well. In both of the kits you will receive the raw prints - all sanding and painting is down to you!

NEW: now available in Gold Silk filament! Silk filaments need to be printed at much higher quality to achieve the metallic sheen on the print. As a result, this print is essentially wearable out of the package!

The headdress kit includes:
- 3x backboard pieces
- 1x forehead piece

The full kit includes:
- 3x backboard pieces
- 1x forehead piece
- 1x chest centrepiece
- 2x chest side pieces
- 1x back centrepiece

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