FONTAINE Colour Shift Vision Amulet 3D PRINTED Kit [Genshin Impact]

$40.00 AUD
Back Style

Fontaine’s standard vision amulets from Genshin Impact!This is a physical print. printed in Resin.

 the gems are printed in hand dyed resin with powder pigments to give the gems a colour shifting effect!

we offer our visions unpainted or finished and painted, the vision backs are painted, the elemental symbol is brushed with powder pigment to add vibrancy and clear coated with acrylic lacquer to add shine to the gem!

we also have both Pneuma and Ousia style vision backs

We currently offer the standardised Sumeru vision in the following styles:
- Anemo
- Geo
- Pyros
- Cryo
- Electro
- Hydro
- Dendro

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