NILOU Mega Bundle 3D PRINT [Genshin Impact]

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Nilou's mega bundle from Genshin Impact. This is the physical kit in both PLA filament and resin. All gems are hand pigmented and ready to go, and the kit will also include a colour-shifting vision! This is a HUGE kit, so if you're confused about where any of the pieces go, do flick us a message!

The kit includes the following:

- Key of Khaj Jisut 3D Printed Kit
- Arm detail x2
- Back bow corner L
- Back bow corner R
- Back bow dangle x2
- Back bow dangle gem x2
- Belt bead x6
- Belt dangle large x3
- Belt dangle large gem x3
- Belt dangle small x2
- Belt dange small gem x2
- Belt detail
- Belt detail gem
- Belt loop x5
- Blue horn L
- Blue horn R
- Forehead centre dangle
- Forehead dangle L
- Forehead dangle R
- Forehead detail
- Front bow detail L
- Front bow detail R
- Gold horn L
- Gold horn R
- Headdress back dangle
- Headdress L
- Headdress R
- Headdress band
- Hydro gem
- Necklace gem back
- Necklace gem
- Necklace lower 1
- Necklace lower 2
- Necklace side 1 x4
- Necklace side 2 x4
- Side dangle x2
- Side panel dangle
- Side panel dangle gem
- Vision back

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