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LINK Master Sword 3D Printed Kit [The Legend of Zelda]
$90.00 AUD

Finishing 3D Prints

Achieve seamless props every time with our finishing guides and supply lists!

Recommended Supplies for Finishing 3D Prints

- Adhesives (we use Gorilla Glue 2-Part Epoxy and Gorila Glue Expanding Glue)

- Sand paper (80, 120, 400, 600 and 1200 grit)

- Sanding cushions (Resin only - we use The Sandpaper Man)

- Gap filler (we use Selleys Spakfilla)

- Primer Filler (we use Omega High Build Primer)

- Gloss Top Coat (for resin prints we use Omega Acrylic Laquer)

- Spray paints (we use a mix of LiquitexIronLak and Montana)

- Acrylic paints (we use Liquitex Heavy Body and La Sonja)

- Airbrush paint medium (we use Liquitex)


We also recommend attaching some sand paper from each grit to wooden paint stirrers to make sanding sticks to help you get in those tight spaces on more complex models!


For anyone interested in starting airbrushing, we use:

Sparmax DH125

Sparmax GP-850

PS.MINI - 2SPRAY Mini Gravity Spray Gun

TC-610H Compressor

If you're based in Australia, check out our friends over at Anest-Iwata for airbrushes, compressors and more!

Download our quick guide to finishing FDM prints, to be used with all our prop kits and the larger pieces of our accessory kits!

Finishing FDM Prints

Download Now!

Download our quick guide to finishing resin prints, to be used with all our accessory kits and the gems for select prop kits!

Finishing Resin Prints

Download Now!